The Beginning

The true beginnings of the Hitter Box are unclear but it is certain they were humble. Born mostly from home wood shops, and making good use of scraps in dad’s garage. They came to popularity in the 60s because it offered some concealment, convenience and conservation over the common items of their day.

Late 70s early 80s times were changing automobiles were getting smaller and grow practices were improving from the years prior. Boxes were now at least getting a little smaller too. Although improved no other recognizable improvements.

Up to 2012 not much has really changed. We have seen them in different colors, with symbols on the side and even with a rock stars picture stuck to it but still all the same functional issues,

  • Difficult to fill
  • Tops that twist open in your pocket
  • Springs that are In effective
  • And to top it all off, The best pack of the bat you ever get is the last.

There is a better way.

Today, you deserve a better solution. We at Brainianc Products LLC, with our focus on convenience have created an elegant simple alternative to the old “backwards boxes” of yesteryear. You’ll notice at first glance our Hitterbox offers unique patent pending horizontal design. This allows you easy access to the storage area. No longer is there a need for a funnel or filling leaf by leaf. The slides are engineered with one way stops for a snug fit when closed. No longer will you be left searching for a lost spring because there is no need for it with our hitter boxes. The bat easily pours out of the side from its storage area. And the very best benefit of our design is every time you pack the bat you are pushing against the bottom of the box therefore your first pack is as good as your last.


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